Class size-14 puppeteers, Grades 1st-6th.
Who doesn’t like puppets? We will learn how to make several types of puppets using a variety of materials such as recyclables, foam, fabric, and paper mache. Come on a walking field trip to the 99c Store to select an item to transform into a puppet. Scenery and props will also be created by the students. There will be a puppet show on Friday at 3:00.

Workshops begin with writing or adapting a story, followed by the design of unique puppets. We explore using voice and movement to make the puppets come alive.
A live performance completes the process.

Puppet Making Workshop may include:
• Writing or adapting a story into script format
• Creation of a puppet voice
• Movement techniques to make the puppets come alive
• Construction of puppet props, scenery, and costumes
• Culminating performance
Types of puppets:

• Paper Mache Hand Puppets
• Large Foam Puppets
• Stick Puppets
• Recycling with Puppets
• 99 Cent Store Puppets
• Talking Felt Hand Puppets
• Shoebox Puppet Theater


Ellen says

“Puppet making is so inventive! Children become enthusiastically engaged in making
the puppets, props, and scenery.
Puppet scripts, developed by the children,
are especially fun and imaginative.”

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